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Fireworks! A Fourth of July Tradition

Light up your life for the Independence Day celebration

Fireworks have been a part of America's Independence Day celebration since July 4, 1777.

It started in Philadelphia when a ship docked in the harbor fired 13 cannon shots, one for each of the 13 original colonies. In addition, 13 fireworks were set off in the city's commons, and also in Boston.

Including for Fourth of July celebrations, Americans light about 200,000,000 pounds of fireworks annually!

Light up your life this long Fourth of July weekend by doing something special. Stay at a historic Lambertville bed & breakfast inn that oozes colonial history. You'll be near all the fireworks and other weekend action.

But when there are day- and night-long activities, people generally like to take break. Perhaps relax for a couple of hours, then get ready for dinner and a busy evening. By staying at a nearby B&B, you can return quickly to the blissful peace and calm of this countryside inn whenever you want.

At the end of your evening, it's a short drive to the B&B, where your room invites you to chill, unwind and get a good night's rest.

In the morning, a sumptuous breakfast awaits you, with plenty of coffee, tea and juice.

Now all you need do to make it happen is to call Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B at 609-397-1516, or email
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Independence Day at a Bed & Breakfast

Lady Liberty and the Chimney Hill Estate Inn

The Statue of Liberty has an important relationship to Independence Day. The date of July 4, 1776 is inscribed on the tablet held by iconic Lady Liberty.

Another icon for the country's independence, which is celebrated on the Fourth of July, is Colonial America. The colonists' desire for freedom set in motion the Declaration of Independence.

Fortunately, much of Colonial America remains today in historic buildings. They remind us of the country's heritage and strong desire for autonomy.

This Fourth of July, there is no better way to feel close to that heritage than to enjoy the area's historic colonial architecture. One example of that architecture is a post-Revolutionary War colonial home, originally built in 1820. It's Chimney Hill Estate Inn, eight-tenths of a mile up the hill from Lambertville, New Jersey.

Today, Chimney Hill serves as an award-winning bed and breakfast inn. If you want to experience Colonial America, with a modern touch, this is the place to do it.

This magnificent colonial home has been lovingly preserved. Thick stone walls, fireplaces in virtually every room, wide-plank flooring, Dutch doors and other touches help guests feel what life was like in Colonial America.

But modern conveniences, like air conditioning and WiFi, keep them comfortable and connected.

Now all you need do to make it happen is to call Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B at 609-397-1516, or email
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Bed & Breakfast Fourth of July

Visit a nearby B&B for a change-of-pace weekend celebration.

The first week of July, including the Fourth of July, of course, is typically the busiest travel week of the year.

Whether by plane, train or car, people travel to visit family and friends, Disney World, their favorite beach or lake, or anywhere they want to get away for the long holiday weekend. Speaking of holiday, it may surprise you that the Fourth of July didn't become a national holiday until 1970.

But you needn't go far afield to truly get away for the holiday. Whether you live in Philly, the Big Apple, or anywhere in between, consider staying at a special bed and breakfast tucked away atop a bucolic country hillside.

Think relaxing. Savor quietude. Soak up the historic beauty of an 8.5-acre estate that tells you, "This is the place you need right now to feel good, breathe deeply and enjoy life."

Choose an authentic stone Colonial guest room with the charm of a bye gone era, yet with WiFi and connectivity...if you want it. Or, a genuine, Converted Barn with suites that include dramatic spiral staircases and jetted Roman tubs.

Stroll the manicured grounds with its formal garden and sit at bistro-style tables and chairs around the property. Above all, enjoy the experience. Dine in nearby Lambertville or New Hope.

Watch fireworks on the Delaware River. Drive leisurely alongside the river, visiting quaint river towns. And be served a scrumptious breakfast to start your day.

Now all you need do to make it happen is to call Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B at 609-397-1516, or email
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Bed & Breakfast Summer Solstice

Take time to enjoy the longest day of the year...and sunset, too.

Wednesday, June 21, is the Summer Solstice—the longest day of the year.
Some people note the day and enjoy the extra daylight and hopefully sunshine. In ancient times, the day had spiritual meaning related to crops, abundance, warmth and good health.

Cultures worldwide celebrated with feasts, lighting bonfires, singing and dancing to traditional songs, and reconnecting with nature.

Some people watch the sunset on the longest day of the year as a way to savor summer. There's no better way to do that than on top of a hill. A special Lambertville bed & breakfast located on a hilltop offers stunning, soul-satisfying sunset views.

Watch the sun slowly ease its way down to the horizon, through trees and blink into a dusky evening. Feel the warm summer air and soak in nature. Eat and drink outdoors on this special evening, relaxed and enjoying life.

Spend the night at our historic Colonial Inn or Converted Barn with dramatic spiral staircases and jetted Roman tubs. Rise early, if you like, to witness the new day with the morning sun to greet you. Listen to chirping birds and breathe in fresh, country air.

Breakfast is served, of course. What a way to celebrate the Summer Solstice!

Now all you need do to make it happen is to call Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B at 609-397-1516, or email

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Have A Group Father's Day This Year

Dads can celebrate together with their families.

Are there a lot of fathers in your family? If so, why not get them all together on Father's Day for a very special celebration of them?

Sure, they'll get gifts from their families, but when the gifting at home is done, bring them together for a day they'll remember. Dads, moms and their children can all meet to party, eat BBQ, drink, play games, watch sports and generally have a good time.

The perfect place is a special bed & breakfast on 8.5 acres of bucolic countryside at the top of a hill near Lambertville. The B&B has a large meeting room in a converted Carriage House with all the fixin's for a good time--room for 10 -50 people, tables and TVs.

Burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, pizza, chips and dips, and salsas and other summer-style food can be catered so no one needs to worry about the grill...or anything else for that matter. We can help you arrange for beverages of choice for kids and adults.

It's pure enjoyment with families celebrating the special men in their lives. There's plenty of room for the kids to play games outside, folks to watch sports or other TV fare inside, or while away the day in good conversation because you probably aren't able to get together very often.

Leave all the planning and work to us because that's what we do. There's no cleanup for you, just sit back and relax.

Talk to the other moms in the families that are dear to you about making this Father's Day truly special. Then contact us with what you would like to do. We can suggest activities and things that may not occur to you.

And if you like, you can extend the festivities by staying a night at our historic Colonial or Converted Barn with suites and dramatic spiral staircases.

Now all you need do to make it happen is to call Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B at 609-397-1516, or email 
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Romance on Father's Day. Yes. It's Possible.

A perfect reason to get up close and personal.

If the kids are grown, now's the time to play and Father's Day can make a great play date.

Do something truly special and from the heart. Give your man a massage. Yes, you. You can do it. Much better than from a strange masseur or masseuse.

Coming from you, it's soothing, sensuous, intimate and oh so tender and caring. He'll never forget it.

Ok, say it. "I have no idea how to give a good massage." No problem.

There are ample videos online that will show you how. 

Simply press play and follow along. While the man massages the woman in the video, you can reverse roles on Father's Day. On Mother's Day, he will surely take over.

To make the massage extra special, stay at a special bed & breakfast where life's daily interruptions disappear. After the massage, slip into a Roman-style jetted tub in your private suite. Feel completely relaxed, letting tension and stress melt away while the two of you savor your favorite drinks.

In the morning, breakfast is served. Not a worry in the world. And you have given something to your man that will make it a Father's Day to remember.

Now all you need do to make it happen is to call Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B at 609-397-1516, or email 
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Wives Treat their Husbands on Father's Day

The kids will give him gifts. You can give him an experience.

Does your husband really need another tie for Father's Day? He probably already has more than enough and with today's casual dress trends, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to wear one.

While the kids give him gift cards, consider creating an experience he will remember for a long time. Pamper him with a weekend full of thoughtful things that will help him feel special.

How long has it been since he's had a good massage? How about a catered, multi-course dinner with just the two of you? Are you thinking that's too much to plan? Too many places to go? Your home isn't conducive to that?

Here's a solution. Everything can be brought together at a special bed & breakfast that's within an easy drive. Where everything is smoothly planned and brought to reality. Where we help you create the perfect weekend for your man. A weekend he will treasure. And will treasure you for giving him a special experience...way beyond another tie.

We'll arrange the massage on site in the privacy of your own suite. We'll help you create a catered dinner delivered to your room with wine, champagne, his favorite cocktail, or whatever else he likes to drink. Is there something else he likes? We'll arrange it for you.

And because you're at a B&B, breakfast is served as well. We'll pamper you as well as him. Now that's a great Father's Day and a great way to add zest to your marriage.

Now all you need do to make it happen is to call Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B at 609-397-1516, or email 
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Shore Enough,
There's Something Better Than Sand & Surf

Avoid the crowds and traffic by kicking back this Memorial Day weekend

C'mon, you know what's going to happen Memorial Day weekend. Everybody and their brother are going to trek ‘down the shore' for summer's 2023 grand opening of New Jersey's famed beaches.

Why fight the crowds? Do something different. Clear your mind. Rest your body. Soothe your soul. Take a deep breath and relax and recharge so you're ready for a memorable summer. "How," you ask, "do I get far from the madding crowd?"

Soak in the bucolic bounty of an eight-and-a-half-acre slice of heaven high on a hill above Lambertville, New Jersey. The mornings are practically inspirational and the evening sunsets are next to religious because only God could create this kind of awesome, natural spectacle.

We're, of course, talking about Chimney Hill Estate Inn Bed & Breakfast. Stay the weekend in one of the historic Colonial's eight rooms, brought back to life from their birth in 1820 and in a 1927 expansion.

Or, opt for one of the suites in the converted Barn, some with dramatic spiral staircases leading to loft bedrooms. Whichever you choose, countryside living doesn't get any better than this.

And if you want, venture forth. There's shopping, antiquing, eating, drinking and just about anything else you may want in Lambertville, only eight-tenths a mile down the hill. Cross the bridge and take in all of what iconic New Hope offers.

Feeling like a riverside drive? Take a leisurely drive north on Rt 29 to Stockton, Frenchtown and Milltown. Cross the bridge at Riegelsville, Pennsylvania, and make your way to New Hope, then back to Lambertville. What a mellow day!

Yes. You've cleared your mind. Rested your body. Soothed your soul.
Now all you need do to make it happen is to call Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B at 609-397-1516, or email for reservations. 

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Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend in Lambertville

Watch the parade, attend the ceremony and enjoy the picnic

Freedom is precious and some may take it for granted, but without the ultimate sacrifice of friends, neighbors and relatives who gave their all to defend our country and our freedom, we would not have the life we have to enjoy.

That's why Memorial Day is a sacred national holiday. The nation and its citizens honor and recognize all military personnel who gave their lives so that we may live in freedom. Over time, the entire weekend has become a celebration of those who proudly served and sacrificed for their country.

Lambertville will celebrate Memorial Day, May 29, 2023, as it has for a long time with a parade and commemorative ceremony honoring veterans of all United States Armed Forces.

Hosting the ceremony at Mary Sheridan Park will be Mayor Andrew Nowick and City Council members. A special guest will speak about Memorial Day and what it means to the South Hunterdon community.

The annual picnic following the ceremony will be held at the American Legion, 320 N. Union St., Lambertville.

The parade starts at 9 a.m. at the corner of North Union and Cherry streets. It will march south on North Union Street, cross Bridge Street to South Union Street, then left onto Mount Hope Street. It will turn north on Main Street and end at Mary Sheridan Park, 37 York Street.

For more information about the parade, call the Lambertville Clerk's Office at 609-397-0110 or email

And since it is called Memorial Day weekend, make a weekend of it by staying at the Chimney hill Estate Inn B&B. Call 609-397-1516, or email for reservations.

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May 19 – 21 Marks LGBT PrideFest and Parade

Something for everyone at this two-town, one-river event

Delaware River towns Lambertville and New Hope come together this weekend to celebrate LGBT communities with a festival, parade and other activities.

Event organizer, New Hope Celebrates, reports the parade will include more than 1,000 participants. Among them will be local and national marching bands, floats and nonprofit organizations. The highlight of the parade is New Hope Celebrates' own 100-foot-long Rainbow Equality Flag in eight colors!

The parade will start in Lambertville, cross the Delaware River and end near the festival grounds in New Hope.

While visitors can watch the parade anywhere along its route, there will be three stage areas where guest announcers will call out parade participants as they pass.

The Lambertville House, Bridge St., Lambertville, NJ
Ferry & Main Streets, New Hope, PA next to Logan Inn.
97 S Main St, New Hope PA

PrideFest festivities will include live entertainment, special events, parties and educational activities. Also, the New Hope Celebrates' Cocktail Contest that runs most of May will culminate during PrideFest weekend with imbibers voting for their favorite concoction.

More than 15,000 visitors attend the PrideFest and Parade every year. For information on hours, parade route and other aspects of PrideFest and Parade, visit

Enjoy the entire weekend by staying at a special B&B up the hill from Lambertville. Call Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B 609-397-1516, or email to reserve a room or suite to keep the good times rolling. 
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Celebrate This Year's PrideFest and Parade

Join the Lambertville and New Hope festivities this weekend

May 19 – 21, 2023 is PrideFest weekend in both Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA.

The signature event is Pride Parade, organized by the group, New Hope Celebrates, which is celebrating its 20th Year of Pride.

The parade marches from 11 am to noon, Saturday, May 20. It begins at Lambertville City Hall where the first same-sex marriages were performed in New Jersey in 2013. Parade participants will march down Bridge Street and across the New Hope & Lambertville Bridge to New Hope, making it the only Pride Parade that crosses a state line.

Afterward, enjoy the Pride Fair, which will be located in the Legion parking lot at the end of South Main Street. Live entertainment, such as local and national performers, and a live DJ will keep the fair hopping.

Vendors selling food, beverages, including a cash bar, and other goodies, such as crafts, jewelry, and clothing, information from local LGBTQ+ organizations, samples, and giveaways will keep fairgoers happy until closing at 5 pm.

In the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness, the fair is open to all. Admission proceeds of $5 per person will benefit New Hope Celebrates and all PrideFest events.

Although the parade is on Saturday, enjoy the entire weekend by staying at a special B&B up the hill from Lambertville. Call Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B 609-397-1516, or email to reserve a room or suite to keep the good times rolling. 
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Get Back to Mother Nature on Mom's Day

Enjoy the parks along the Delaware River

This Sunday is Mother's Day, of course, and Mother Nature is blessing Mother's Day with warm, spring temperatures, which are predicted to be in the mid-70s. Perfect weather for getting out, soaking up some sun and relishing fresh air.

Antiquing, shopping and exploring the quaint towns on the banks of the Delaware River are always good "Go-To's" for an afternoon drive. But, why not really get into nature this Sunday? Spend time steeped in the natural beauty that is the Delaware River Valley. Because so much of it is so close.

Of course, topping the list is the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park. It hugs the Delaware River and is perfect for an easy walk or lazy bike ride with its wide, smooth path.

Less well known is Goat Hill Overlook, which offers some of the most breathtaking views of the river. It's a short hike of less than a mile from the parking area at 20 George Washington Road near Lambertville. By the way, it's only one-half mile from Chimney hill Estate Inn B&B on Goat Hill Road.

Farther north near Stockton is Bulls Island State Park. It's a small island that visitors can reach via a walking bridge. It's a tranquil, quiet spot that you'll want to visit again.

On the Pennsylvania side of the river, Washington Crossing State Park commemorates, obviously, Washington's army crossing the Delaware in its march to Trenton to defeat the Hessians. A museum recounts the event. If you're an aficionado of winter, you can witness a reenactment of the crossing on December 10, 2023.

Other back-to-nature attractions are Bowman's Mill Park and Ringing Rocks State Park. Take a hammer to Ringing Rocks to bang on the rocks, which really ring because of their volcanic rock composition.

So, treat your children's mother to a back-to-nature drive this Sunday. And, why not make a weekend of it? Stay at our B&B, which will really get her out of the house. She'll love you for it.

Call Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B 609-397-1516, or email
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Mother's Day Is THIS Weekend!

Hurry, there's still time to make it memorable for her

Okay, you had the best of intentions. You were going to plan something really special for the Mom in your life, and/or the Mother of your children.

But time slipped away. You were busy. Too much to do. And now the BIG DAY is only three days away. And you have NOTHING planned. You could buy flowers, again, but isn't that tired? Dinner at a favorite restaurant? You can do that anytime.

This is the year to...Make it special. Make it fun. Make the memories last!
Reserve a room or suite at a special B&B up the hill from Lambertville. None other than Chimney Hill Estate Inn Bed & Breakfast, 207 Goat Hill Road, Lambertville, NJ.

Innkeepers Sylvester and Marek know how to create a special time for your Mom/Wife that she will treasure. It will look like you had planned this for months.

Every detail will be taken care of for you. Roses in the room with specialty chocolates and wine or champagne. Even dinner reservations at this late date. And at a B&B, a scrumptious breakfast is a given.

The B&B's peaceful, bucolic grounds spread over eight and a half acres include private seating areas for quiet times and sharing. This is a true getaway. Time to connect. Just the two of you. To relax. To Recharge. You both deserve it.

Now's the time to act. Call Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B 609-397-1516, or email and give her a Mother's Day she will remember for a long time. 
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Open House, Saturday, May 6

Enter to win a free night's stay

Tomorrow will be 70 degrees and sunny so take a leisurely drive and enjoy the weather.

Make sure one of your stops is at Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B up the hill from Lambertville, which is hosting an Open House May 6, 11 am – 2 pm. The address is 207 Goat Hill Road Lambertville.

Meet innkeepers Sylvester Kolakowski and Marek Wonka while touring this gorgeous 8.5-acre estate. Even if you can't make it, you can enter to win a free night's stay by registering on Eventbrite:

The 5,400 sq ft historic Colonial and its eight rooms are an architectural gem. Be sure to see the Stone Sunroom. The Carriage House meeting room can host a range of events. Our event planner Mara Events will be here to discuss your ideas for a special event or occasion that you're planning.

The six-suite converted Barn with its dramatic spiral staircases in the upstairs suites can be reserved exclusively by your group.

Take a photo with AVAS Photobooth NJ as a keepsake of your visit and meet local vendors Bucks Glamping & Endless Moments.

We're looking forward to seeing you. Call Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516, or email with any questions.
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You Want to Be Part of This?

Learn the bed & breakfast business the right way

We're looking for a few good resources to help us operate this growing, grand B&B operation up the hill from Lambertville, NJ.

Do you like the notion of building a career in hospitality, welcoming guests and helping make their stay one they can't forget? Do you want to learn the B&B business from top to bottom?

Do you have the chops to help manage a multi-million-dollar operation comprising a 5400 sq ft historic Colonial and a 4400 sq ft converted Barn?

Are you good at making a scrumptious breakfast? How about handling bookings and engaging with our expanding clientele?

Helping arrange special events like wine tastings, open houses, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings? Whatever your preference, we want to talk with you.

Get it started with a call to Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516 or email And be part of something special where you can grow with us long-term.

We want you. 
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Cinco de Mayo, Bed & Breakfast Style

Create your own celebration this year

Cinco de Mayo is this Friday, May 5. It celebrates Mexico's independence over the Second French Empire in 1862.

It's widely celebrated in the U.S. with parades, parties, mariachi music, dancing and authentic Mexican cuisine, such as tacos and mole poblano.

More and more people of all nationalities are jumping into the fun, which can last long into the night. Gratefully, the occasion is on a Friday this year.

While bars and restaurants are typically the place partiers party, another option is to stay at a bed & breakfast inn. All manner of Mexican food can be catered and you can provide your own libations, which can significantly reduce the cost of your night of revelry.

Rather than rooms, you and your friends can reserve Chimney Hill's converted Barn of luxurious suites, including a meeting room that can serve as party central. The entire Barn can be exclusively yours for the night so you can let your hair down without worrying about bothering anyone.

Some of the suites have spiral staircases to bedroom lofts. All have convenience counters where they can prepare drinks, set snacks and make strong coffee in the morning.

Because it's a B&B, a sumptuous breakfast is included in the stay.

Consider creating your own Cinco de Mayo this year.

Get it started with a call to Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516 or email

Fiesta en!      
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Best Bed & Breakfast in Hunterdon County

Community recognizes excellence at Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B

Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B has been voted the Best Bed & Breakfast Inn in Hunterdon County for 2023, according to Hunterdon Happenings.

Innkeeper Sylvester Kolakowski said, "Our passion for providing a memorable experience at the county's best B&B is truly a labor of love for us. We live and breathe this business. It's a lifestyle for us."

His partner, Marek Wonka, said, "We strive to be the premier venue in the county for a range of special events, including weddings, wine tastings, and to be a welcoming host for visitors to Lambertville and New Hope during the summer festival season."

Hunterdon Happenings tracks first-class businesses and successful people in Hunterdon County that offer the best in food, drink, wellness, beauty and home, among others.

Happenings Media publisher Angela Giovine said, "Locals in the community campaigned and voted for their most beloved businesses, people, events and organizations."

She urges this year's winners to "stand proud, knowing that your neighbors appreciate your passion and contributions to the community."

Winners can post a digital badge on their website and include them in emails, display an award certificate on the premises and be included in the Happenings Guide and have a social media post dedicated to the business. They also can attend the "BASH," a party celebrating all winners.

Consistent, persistent effort to excel in the award categories is required to be recognized and acknowledged in the community.

Experience what all the acclaim is about. Reserve a room or suite by calling Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B at 609-397-1516, or email
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Bed & Breakfast and Wine & Cheese Party

Chimney Hill's first wine and cheese party was a huge hit

The first wine and cheese pairing at the B&B sold out! Tasters sampled remarkable red and white Italian wines, meats, chesses and other gastronomic delights designed to pair perfectly.

New for many in the gathering was a cocktail called a Cappelletti spritz. It's made with a slightly bitter amaro herbal liqueur, prosecco, soda water and an orange slice. The balanced drink gives bittersweet an entirely new meaning.

Another was Cocchi, a vermouth that was so soft and comfortable on the palate. Finally, Cardamaro, a Moscato, hinted of orange Grand Marnier, only much softer as well.

Meats, salty and smoked, complimented the sweeter drinks. Prosciutto, speck and hot sopressata provided a palette of tastes for tasters.

Cheeses, including from cow, goat and sheep milk, also paired with the sampled libations.

The hit of the party seemed to be La Tur. It's a combination of cow, goat and sheep milk. The result is a creamy, yet cakey cheese, with a palate coating of earthy, full flavor. Think of decadent ice cream, melting from the outside in.

And since no aperitivo hour would be complete without dolce (sweets), this one offered plenty. Homemade oatcakes, cinnamon babka (bread), chocolates, Meyer Lemon shortbread and honey roasted almonds.

Innkeepers Marek and Sylvester will be scheduling follow up tastings. Perhaps recognizing French wine, or Napa offerings, or even South American vintages. Stay tuned.

Get on the notification list by calling Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B at 609-397-1516, or email
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Bed & Breakfast Wine, Meat & Cheese Party

Be part of a true Italian, before-meal custom

Chimney Hill Bed & Breakfast Inn is hosting an all-Italian wine tasting with meat and cheese accompaniments on Saturday, April 29, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

None other than the esteemed David J. Phillips, a certified sommelier, trained chef, and spirits and cocktail professional, will guide guests through a traditional aperitivo experience.

Aperitivo is a cultural Italian ritual enjoyed before a meal when you meet, greet and enjoy tasty beverages accompanied by matched meat and cheeses.

The tasting will comprise seven beverages:

Cappelletti, enjoyed as a straight aperitif, or in cocktail concoctions,

Caravaglio, a dry white wine

Verdicchio, which has sweet, peachy aromatics typical of the Marche region,

Dos Tierras, a blend of white wines from different vintages,

Barone Villagrande, a red wine with delicately fruity, herbaceous and forest
tones. Some tout this wine as the Burgundies of Italy.

Terre de Barolo, like other Barolos, known for its complexity, firm texture and ability to improve with age.

Cardamaro, typically an end-of-the-meal Moscato.

If you love wine with well-matched meat and cheeses and expert descriptions of them all, do yourself a favor and reserve your seat at the table. A few tickets remain for this popular event. $40pp.

Interested? Reserve by calling Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B at 609-397-1516, or email
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Bed & Breakfast Wine Tasting

Learn the ins and outs of vino at this popular event

Chimney Hill Estate Inn Bed & Breakfast is hosting a wine tasting April 29.

The evening session will be ripe with palate-expanding fine wines and education. 

A sommelier will guide the tasting, offering insights into the grapes, vintages and how to identify such aspects of tasting as nose, nuances and finish. 

The five steps to tasting are color, swirl, smell, taste and savor. 

Not only will you enjoy wines you may taste for the first time, you'll have a better appreciation of how to explore the depths of a wine and share your newfound experience with friends. You'll practically be an oenophile.

Act quickly. Only five tickets remain for this popular event. $40pp.

Interested? Reserve by calling Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B at 609-397-1516, or email

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Moms Acknowledging Their Motherhood

Five questions moms can ask themselves.
Then, "I acknowledge myself for..."

Sure, moms want to be pampered and to relax with nothing to do on Mother's Day. Deep inside, though, many moms also want to be meaningfully appreciated and acknowledged for all of what they do.

Speaking directly to moms, only you really know everything you do as mom. Day in and day out. On good days and not so good days. Especially in today's world, the pressure is on you to do it all.

So, on this Mother's Day, we want to recognize the original meaning of Mother's Day by honoring your story. It's an opportunity to acknowledge whatever you want to consider about your feelings toward motherhood and yourself.

For example, what decisions did you make about being a mom that helped guide your motherhood?

Is there anything you would do differently?

What are you proudest of achieving as a mom?

What life lessons would you like to pass on to young mothers?

How do you relate to today's roles of women at home and at work?

Complete the sentence, "I acknowledge myself for..."

After this introspection, look outward and ask yourself, "What would I like to hear this year about myself and my motherhood?" Let us know, please.

Share your thoughts about what you acknowledge regarding your motherhood. Email them to the address below with permission to share them in this blog.


Thank you. 

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Moms, Goddesses and Mother's Day

Moms can take pride in their holiday's history

Recognition and thanks for mothers can be traced to ancient times when spring festivals included tributes to goddesses. Specifically, ancient Greece celebrated Rhea, the mother of the gods.

Mother's Day as we know it today, began on May 12, 1907, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial service for her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, at a church in Grafton, West Virginia. The service was meant to celebrate her mother and her mother's commitment to organizing women's groups to promote friendship and health. Over time, it came to include grandmothers and aunts who played mothering roles.

It became an official national holiday in 1914 and since has been adopted globally, in some cases succeeding indigenous celebrations of motherhood. The day is a time to honor the contribution of mothers, acknowledge the efforts of maternal bonds and the role of mothers in society.

The Bible does not directly address Mother's Day in its verses, but does celebrate motherhood and mothers. Oftentimes, moms receive a rose or other flower at church Sunday masses on Mother's Day.

It's good for moms to know the importance of their very own holiday worldwide and the appreciation shown them for their selfless dedication to their children.

What better way to honor moms than to treat them to a weekend of rest and relaxation at a special B&B that can pamper them?

Reserve now. There's no time to waste. Call Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516, or email

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Moms Refilling Their Cups

Caring for themselves on Mother's Day

Hey, Moms out there. You cared for your children until they set out on their own. You cared for your husband all marriage long. And you felt satisfaction and accomplishment from that.

But you need care, too. With all that mothers do, or have done, caring for yourselves may be often neglected. Have you heard the expression, "You can't pour from an empty cup."? That means for moms to care for others, they must first care for themselves. It's intuitive, but can be difficult to achieve.

There's no better time than Mother's Day for moms to care for themselves. So, on this Mother's Day, plan to fill your cup. If the kids are far away, or if you're no longer married, that's more reason than ever to spend time on you. On your emotional and physical well-being.

But where? How?

A place where you can get away from it all. Get the special attention you want and need. At a special bed & breakfast in the quiet countryside. It's perfect for moms wanting to relax, retreat and recharge by themselves, or with another mom who they consider a dear friend.

Live the life for a weekend. Wine and chocolates waiting in your room at check in? Done. A bouquet of your favorite flowers. It's there. A heavenly massage that will soothe away the tension. It's scheduled. When's the last time you had breakfast in bed? With a mimosa or Bloody Mary? It's our pleasure.

So, refill your cup! Reserve now so everything is ready by May 14. There's no time to waste. Call Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516, or email 
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Bed & Breakfast Mother's Day Celebration 

6 ways to celebrate Mom's Day, all in one

Mother's Day is less than a month away so now's the time to start planning for that special day for your wife and the mother of your children.

If you're empty nesters, what better time to recognize her dedication to family than this year by doing something with just the two of you?

You're probably wanting to do more than a dinner out. Search online for "ways to celebrate Mother's Day" and the following list likely will appear:

* Breakfast in Bed. ...
* Give Her Flowers. ...
* Give Your Mom/Wife a Day Off. ...
* Spend a Day Together. ...
* Surprise Her with a Lovely Gift. ...
* Pamper Her.

Sounds like a lot to choose from. But why choose when you can give it all to her in one package for relatively little money?

"How?" you ask. Reserve a stay at a special bed & breakfast that offers that kind of package for deserving wives/moms.

Breakfast delivered to your B&B room or suite starts her special day. It goes way beyond scrambled eggs and bagels, and can include mimosas or Bloody Marys, if you prefer.

Flowers, too, can be waiting for her with a special note from you, thanking her for being a wonderful mom and wife. Be it roses, pansies, or her favorite blooms, a bouquet is a tender way to say, "I love you."

Staying at a bed & breakfast automatically gives her a day off. No meals to cook, dishes to wash, clothes to pick up and launder, and who knows what else wives and moms accomplish everyday around the home.

It's easy to spend the day together because with no chores, you can take her for a country drive alongside the Delaware River, visiting quaint river towns, sipping cappuccinos or wine, enjoying a lazy lunch, exploring shops, and dining at a quiet restaurant.

Ask us for lovely gift ideas and we will make it happen. It can be wrapped and ready for when you check into your room or suite. Or, bring one with you.

Breakfast in bed, flowers, a day off spent together, and a special gift add up to pampering with a capital "P." Make this Mother's Day truly exceptional for your lady, wife and mom to your children.

Reserve now so everything is ready by May 14. There's no time to waste. Call Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516, or email and give her a Mother's Day she will remember for a long time. 
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Lambertville Shad Fest Art Show, Auction

Have a good time while doing good at the Shad Fest

While you're having a good time at the Shad Fest, April 22 – 23, in Lambertville, you can do good, as well.

Consider buying original poster art that's exhibited and auctioned during the weekend. This is typically one of the weekend's biggest draws.

Money raised through the auction helps fund two $10,000 scholarships through the Jim Hamilton Shad Festival Scholarship Fund. The fund awards the scholarships to two local students who want to pursue a college degree in the fine, performing or culinary arts. Jim Hamilton was an iconic Lambertville restaurateur. The fund has awarded more than $500,000 to area students.

Up to 225 original works of art created by some of the region's artists, grade- and high-school students, and others will be offered for sale. All art will feature some aspect of the festival.

Whatever your favorite medium, it probably will be represented--watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, collages, quilting, photography, sculptures and jewelry.

Here's your opportunity to do good and accessorize your home, office, garage and garden while funding deserving local students who want to pursue a fine arts, dramatic arts or culinary arts career.

Peruse and bid on the posters during a silent auction Friday, April 21, 6 pm - 8 pm, Saturday, April 22, 11am - 5:30pm, and Sunday, April 23, 11am - 2pm. The live auction starts at 3pm. Visit the First Presbyterian Church, 27 Union St., in Lambertville.

After savoring a day full of artistic splendor, stay at the Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B, less than a mile up the hill from town. We're a member of the Lambertville Chamber of commerce and support the Shad Fest. The exclamation point to your day will be a 10% discount on your stay.

Interested? Call Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516, or email
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Fast Fish Facts About Shad

Four things you need to know about shad.

The Shad Fest celebrated in Lambertville, New Jersey is an historic event marking Spring and the bounty it brings. But, how much do you really know about American shad, which the fest celebrates?

First, and most importantly, it's a great, healthful, fish to eat since it contains omega 3. It has a wonderfully delicate yet distinctive sweet, salty, and freshly fishy flavor. Its silky texture melts like butter on the palate. When cooked properly, it's fragile and soft, yet meaty. Appropriately, its Latin name-- sapidissima— means "tastiest."

Second, American shad is a rather deep-bodied, "anadromous" saltwater fish, meaning it migrates upstream from the ocean to fresh water to spawn in waters in which they, themselves, began life. A single fish can release up to 300,000 eggs.

Third, shad fry (baby fish) live in their nurseries until the following fall, then begin their trek to the ocean. They range along the Atlantic Coast from Florida to Canada. Shad runs occur in two rivers bordering New Jersey—the Delaware and Hudson. While shad typically range in size from 20-24 inches, they can reach lengths of 30 inches.

Fourth, how do you catch shad from a riverbank? Experts recommend fishing the fall line. The fish tend to favor shallower water near the bank where the current is slower. They prefer deep holes and obstructions.

Now that you know more about shad, plan to visit the Lambertville Shad Fest. And, while you're at it, stay the night at a special B&B up the hill from Lambertville and watch the sun set over surrounding hills and the Delaware river below.

We're a member of the Lambertville Chamber of Commerce and support the Shad Fest. The exclamation point to your day will be a 10% discount on your stay.

Interested? Call Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516, or email
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Bed & Breakfast Shad Fest Festivities

The shad are coming! The shad are coming !

It's Spring and time for adult shad fish to "run up" the Delaware River to spawn. And time for visitors to flock to river towns like Lambertville, New Jersey, to enjoy the many foods made with shad during this year's Shad Fest, April 22 -23, 11 am – 5 pm each day.

But there's much more than shad for the visitors to enjoy. Food. Live music. Home and garden. And arts and crafts. It's two days of fun and festivities that start the summer with a bang.

Savor the Food
Sample festival favorites at a weekend food court. Local restaurants will offer their takes on shad dishes and their specific culinary specialties. Visit the beer garden to slake your thirst during warm Spring days. Try BBQ, gourmet ice cream sandwiches, fresh-made pickles, baked goods, local honey, coffees and teas, kettle corn, and specialty olive, truffle and avocado oils, vinegars, salsas and hot sauces.

Live Music
Tap your feet or nod your head to the beat of live music. Musicians all around the festival will entertain you throughout the day.

Home and Garden
Wide range of goods for your home and garden. Enjoy handmade wood cutting boards, home accents, artisan pottery and decorative ceramics, chimes, candles, and upcycled goods.

Arts and Crafts
Choose from original and print art, embroidered art on canvas, face painting, hand-blown glass, one-of-a-kind jewelry, handcrafted soaps, stone, ceramic and precious metal jewelry, handmade quilts, T-shirts and sweatshirts, and souvenir clothing.

Relax at Our B&B
After a day full of shopping, eating, drinking, music and taking in all that makes Lambertville special, stay at the Chimney Hill Estate Inn B&B, less than a mile up the hill from town. We're a member of the Lambertville Chamber of Commerce and support the Shad Fest. The exclamation point to your day will be a 10% discount on your stay.

Interested? Call Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516, or email
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Bed & Breakfast Bachelorette Keepsakes

Fourth in a series on bachelorette party ideas at a special B&B.

Keepsakes, mementoes, or anything the bride team can treasure long after a memorable bachelorette party can make the memories dear to the bride and her maids of honor. Long live your bachelorette party!

So, what's possible? Nearly anything you can think of. From tiaras to teddy bears.

Robes, either plush bath, or silky sexy, worn during the party can have an after-party life at home. Drinking or shot glasses can serve special occasions long after the party.

Baseball caps and T-shirts can be functional reminders of the bride's special night. And, yes, tiaras and teddy bears, too, can have a special place in each bride team member's home.

A small canvas bag filled with favors for the party can be used afterward to pack stuff for day trips, beach runs or walks in the park. An after-party recovery kit with aspirin, hair ties, snacks and other paraphernalia needed after a night of partying can be useful for other weekend recoveries.

Everything can be inscribed with the party's theme and /or individual bride team members' names. 

But we know what you're thinking. "There are so many details to organizing a successful bachelorette party." Absolutely, there are. That's why we include our own party planner for parties held here at Chimney Hill Estate Inn.

For brides maids short on time, our planner will tailor a party to your exact desires and budget, without additional fees or charges.

We'll show you a range of activities, toys, games, keepsakes, food, drinks, favors and everything else that goes into a successful party. Working with you, we'll order and schedule every aspect of the night's festivities.

Get it started with a text or call to Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516 or email

Party on!
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Bed & Breakfast Bachelorette Party Toys & Games

Third in a series on bachelorette party ideas at a special B&B.

A night of revelry full of talking, laughing and sharing among the bride team helps make special memories that last.

Games and toys take the fun to a whole other level. They make the evening and night uproarious! Choose from cute, to sexy, to racy. This is where the saying fits... What happens at your bachelorette party, stays at the party.

Also, imagine taking a swing at a pinata with a bat...while blindfolded. Card games, drinking games, board games and even dice, all with a twist, can keep the team rocking long into the night.

A banner and other decorations set the party's tone and theme.
When the party is finally over, make sure the bride team has keepsakes that keep the memories. The next post will describe all the options available to your party.

Stay tuned for more bachelorette party ideas and suggestions.
Interested? Call or text Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516 or email
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Bed & Breakfast Bachelorette Spa Times

Second in a series on bachelorette party ideas at a special B&B.

Bachelorette parties at a special bed and breakfast inn can include a lot more than a place to celebrate the bride-to-be's upcoming wedding. Think SPA!

She and her maids can be totally pampered while having the time of their lives. Chocolates and champagne waiting for the partiers on their arrival will help start the festivities on the right note. Bring your own libations for a catered dinner, then after-dinner imbibing.

Want more? A dozen roses for the bride-to-be set a sentimental tone. Want to really luxuriate and feel special? Soothing, full-body massages and facials can be part of the party package to help the bachelorette team really unwind and savor life well lived.

Complete the experience with a bubble bath in in-suite Jacuzzi-style Roman tubs that will relax and reward partiers for an unforgettable night. Light scented candles and incense, if you prefer.

Inviting the partiers to be models, a professional cosmetician will demonstrate real-time tips and techniques for makeup and hair styles so the bride-to-be and her maids look their very best at the wedding and whenever they want to after that.

Special amenities like these will help make the bride-to-be's bachelorette party a very special time, indeed. If you want other amenities, we are happy to arrange them for you. Let us know what you're thinking about, and we'll help make it happen.

Stay tuned for more bachelorette party ideas and suggestions.
Interested? Call Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516, or email
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Bed & Breakfast Bachelorette Beauties 

First in a series on bachelorette party ideas at a special B&B.

A beautiful bride-to-be and her beautiful maids deserve a special night out before her wedding. Give her an Instagram-worthy bachelorette party everyone will always remember.

Rather than going to a restaurant, make it truly unique by having it at a bed and breakfast inn. Dinner can be catered for the bride-to-be and her bonne amies. Bon appetit! Bring your own libations to save money and party to your heart's content, long after restaurants close.

One area B&B has the ideal place—a six-suite converted Barn with seven bedrooms, seven and a half baths and a meeting room for late-night partying. Extra beds can be added.

Reserve the Barn and it becomes your private, exclusive sanctuary. Lock the door, let your hair down and let loose. Stream music that you love because it's time to celebrate!

In fact, as evening gives way to night, turn it into a slumber party and move to the Master Suite with cathedral ceiling, huge living area and full kitchen. Cozy up on sofas and share good times and make memories.

Select breakfast from a menu and it will be delivered to you in the morning at the time you choose.

Special amenities that will help make this very special time even better will be included in the next blog. Stay tuned.

Interested? Call Chimney Hill Estate B&B Inn at 609-397-1516. 

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St. Patrick's Day is this Friday, March 17, and that's cause for celebration for a lot of people, whether they're Irish, or not.

But why settle for a single day? Make a weekend of it. Enjoy your usual St. Patty's Day merrymaking at a restaurant or bar in Lambertville, NJ, then continue the festivities at our bed and breakfast—the Chimney Hill B&B Inn less than a mile up the hill from town.

Our Chimney Hill leprechauns will be celebrating into the evening with complementary wine and other libations, including Jameson and Guinness, so join us!

And since it's St. Patty's Day, we're sure to toast to Irish proverbs...

"May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live."

"May the wind always be at your back." and

"May you be at the gates of heaven an hour before the devil knows you're dead!" Faith and begorrah!

Bring your own saying and we'll toast to that.

In between toasts, we'll play songs like Danny Boy and The Fields of Athenry, one of Ireland's most famous songs.

Stay up late making the most of the day's celebration, then get up late in the morning for a scrumptious B&B-style breakfast. Ease into your day with a relaxing ride along the Delaware River. There's always something happening in Lambertville, New Hope or Frenchtown.

Reserve a room or one of our suites with a spiral staircase into a loft bedroom. Guests will receive their own Shamrock. Do you know what each leaf stands for? Faith. Hope. Love. The rare fourth leaf represents Luck. That's what created the phrase...The luck of the Irish.

Come celebrate with us.

Meet the New Owners of Lambertville's Luxury Bed & Breakfast Chimney Hill Estate Inn

Sylvester Kolakowski and Marek Wonka are the new owners of Chimney Hill Estate Inn, a B&B in Lambertville, NJ. They purchased the inn on October 21st, 2021 and completely renovated the property.

As the new innkeepers, they have created a truly unique bed & breakfast "Heart's Content" experience for guests. Heart's Content is personalized service, attention to detail and a desire to please that help make guests' stay special.

Sylvester brings Heart's Content to life with his more than six years of experience in hospitality that includes weddings, bachelorette parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, private events and corporate retreats. He and Marek tailor guest stays to exactly what they want to make their time here memorable.

Chocolates and champagne waiting upon guests' arrival are typical luxuries available at guests' request. Full-body massages can be reserved as well. Theater tickets, restaurant reservations, historical train rides and whatever guests request, Sylvester and Marek strive to make it happen. All for your Heart's Content.

They know what it takes to offer genuine hospitality. Sylvester is an Airbnb Super Host and both he and Marek have more than 10 years of experience in short-term rentals in the Delaware Valley. They know the intricacies of operating a successful B&B that satisfy guest expectations.

Sylvester, an owner, resides at the B&B and is eager to extend a helping hand together with our thoughtful staff. They genuinely enjoy guests' company and cater to their needs. It's where the meaning of hospitality—a friendly reception, generosity of spirit, helpfulness and goodwill—reflect the warm and caring innkeepers of a bygone era.